About Edie

Children’s Book Author

Edie Batstone was raised in rural Manotick, Ontario - one of seven children in a small, but lively home on the Rideau River. Although life threw in a few hard bumps, with them came an abundance of sharing, laughter, music, and play - a real 'puddle of love'. Her puddle has since stretched down the road to Osgoode, and most recently to the town of Prescott. The ripples now include her husband Ross, three children and their families, including seven grandchildren.

After retiring and selling their organic farm, which she and her husband had run for 24 years, Edie was eager to put her skills to work, and to sew seeds of a different sort: she renewed her passion for writing, specifically poems on children, and for artwork in the form of playful, colourful drawings geared to kids. It was her wish to help children, through her writing, to feel good about themselves, and to realize just how much they are capable of accomplishing; how every small act can be a force for good in the world.

She began writing her first book of poems to children in 2009, and as she neared completion of “How To Wash A Puddle”, Edie learned of the ‘Ryan’s Well Foundation’, a wonderful clean water charity that has helped over 700,000 people in developing countries to obtain clean drinking water and sanitation. That foundation came about because of the caring actions of one seven-year-old boy in1999, who sincerely wanted to help. Ryan Hreljac was a perfect example of what Edie was hoping to encourage in children, and so she decided to donate a portion of each book sale to his Foundation.

Inspiration for Edie’s books for kids have come from family, her work with nature, and from the years that she spent caring for children, and later for seniors. All of these sources have contributed wisdom, insight, gratitude, and a warm sense of humour, giving her a constant “well of wonder” to dip into as she adds each original poem to her growing treasure chest of children’s books.

I appreciate feedback and comments, Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.