Blue Church

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    The Blue Church and Cemetery

    County Rd. 2 at The Blue Church Road,

    Augusta Township, ON

    3 miles west of Prescott


    This little blue church, with its lovely Harry Horwood stained glass window is a favourite stop for tourists and locals.

    The original church, built in 1790 was destroyed by fire, as was the second one built in 1809.

    This present one was built in 1845 and is in very good condition.

    It is rented out for weddings and funerals and people gather for a lantern-lit Even Song service on the first Sunday of Each month from June to October, and then for a carol-sing in December.

    No one knows why the church was always painted blue, but the tradition is kept up still today.

    The guest book inside contains appreciative comments from travellers from all over the world.

    The cemetery, still actively maintained by a board, is rich in history, containing the graves of many who were prominent in the early days of Upper Canada, plus a monument to Barbara Heck, the founder of Methodism in North America.