Historic Windmill

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    Historic Windmill

    Windmill Point

    Johnstown, ON

    The Historic Windmill at the Battle Of The Windmill site in Johnstown ON

    The Windmill Tower stands prominently on Windmill Point, a height of land near the town of Prescott., where it overlooks the old King's Highway and the St. Lawrence River.
    The impressive 62 ft. tapered tower is constructed of random coursed stone (3 ft. thick at the base) and is crowned with a cast iron lantern.
    It is a Classified Federal Heritage Lighthouse because of its historical associations, and its architectural and environmental values.
    During the Rebellion of 1837-38, it was the scene of an important battle against Hunter Patriot insurgents, based in the U.S., who supported the Rebellion.
    Built as a gristmill, it was one of the few wind-powered mills in English Canada.
    Windmill Tower has served successfully both as a grist-mill and as a lighthouse.
    After being decommissioned in 1978, it once again houses a symbolic light that shines out from dusk till dawn each day.
    This due to the efforts of a group of citizen volunteers called The Friends Of The Windmill, who help in the upkeep of the tower, and the surrounding grounds, and who hire a student interpreter throughout the Summer months.
    (I am a member of this dedicated group: read my poem about the Windmill Lighthouse on my blog)