Kelly's Landing

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    Kelly's Landing

    River Rd., South of Manotick, Ontario.

    According to Theresa Kelly, this little building, next to St. Brigid’s  Cemetery, was built by her parents, Dominic and Mary Kelly in the 1950s.

    Dominic had a fleet of twelve rowboats, many of which he made himself. These boats were rented out, mostly to people wanting to go fishing. The oars were stored in the cabin.

    There were shutters at the front of the building that opened up into what was then a little snack bar. The menu was essentially hot dogs, ice cream and soft drinks.

    Chocolate bars, potato chips, etc. were also available.

    One of my favourite memories is of stopping here with my family on our way back from Mass at St. Brigid’s Church – a reward for our good behaviour!

    From original pen and ink, and coloured pencil work